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Everything You Need to Know About Gods Unchained

When you are looking for a game similar to Hearthstone, you should give Gods Unchained a try. It is a game that you can play with the use of trading cards. To start playing the game, you have to build a deck of unique cards by hundreds when you take hold of card packs. For each card pack you buy, you get a chance to get rare or uncommon cards to add to your collection.

What powers Gods Unchained is the Ethereum Blockchain. The sole owners of the cards will be the player who collects them. If you want to assemble a powerful deck of cards, you can do so as you sell, trade, and buy them in the form of ERC721 tokens.

When you are an expert card dealer in terms of gaming, then this game is something that you should consider playing. You get the benefits of extensible and transparent playing only with Gods Unchained. This kind of game is a multiplayer-driven game that is turn-based. The game holds weekly matches between players of the game. Winning from these weekly tournaments will give you a chance to win immense prizes. The best part about winning is the fact that you can see your victory on permanent blockchain record for all eternity.

Makers of this blockchain-based card game are recently developing gameplay trailer. Game developers want to give players of the game a live-action view of it.

To house the cards you use to trade and play the game, you can use the Ethereum Blockchain and store these cards as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Coinbase Ventures and other big-time investors find the potential of this trading card game huge.

The company, Fuel Games, is the reason for the existence of Gods Unchained. Even if a lot of crypto companies are going through challenging obstacles, the company has won over the market. Last July, the company sold one of its cards called the Mythic Hyperion for 146 ether. This particular amount is over $60,000 in equivalent amount.

Even days before this sale, a record auction price of $87,000 was recorded for a rare magic card. All in all, Fuel sold more or less 1.6 million cards that amount to $2.8 million.

More players become interested in the game with the newly-released video by Fuel Games. They now want their buyers to see what these cards can do. In the next couple of weeks, the game will start a closed-beta period. What you can expect is a stress test of the game with the help of players who have made card purchases. Before the game launches, three months will be spent on its open-beta period. You can still expect Ethereum to have a significant role to play in the game. In essence, you cannot weaken the cards intentionally using NFTs that live on the blockchain.

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