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The Importance of Building a Strong Community

A community is a group of people brought together through opinion, culture, religion, or trend, and living in a community can be very important for your well-being. Regardless of who you are or where you come, you should strive to build a community with neighbors and people who live around you for its incredible benefits. Most of the time you don’t even know the people in your neighborhood personally but that is what building a community is all about. Building a community means being united by a single thing and you will never regret getting close with your neighbors and friends. It is understandable if you prefer silence and solitude but that means you will be missing out on the following incredible benefits of building a community.

Community building is important because it enhances safety in the neighborhood and community. When you get to know the people in your neighborhood, it becomes easy to spot any strangers or outstanding figures that you are unfamiliar with. Maintaining a close relationship with the people around you can make you feel safe even if you don’t have a loved one close-by. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain some privacy but keeping a close relationship with your neighbors can be very important especially in preventing identity theft, which is becoming a common problem.

Building a community is not only good for your personal safety but enhances your security too. When you choose to isolate yourself from the community, you are compromising your security because no one will notice when you are in danger. Maintaining a close relationship with your neighbors is an assurance that there is someone looking out for you and they will be ready to help in case you need their assistance. You are likely to get the help you need when you maintain a close relationship with the people around you not through isolation.

Building a community helps in voicing your rights in case of a violation or infringement. Voicing your concerns as an individual can grab the attention of the relevant persons or organizations you are trying to but it may take a long time. When you come together as a community to voice your concerns over social-political issues, you are likely to grab the attention of the relevant parties faster and get you to want. By building a community, you are defining what is acceptable and unacceptable in your community by contributing to development. Building community has been found to have a positive impact on the crime rate too.

Block parties are another important benefit of community building. When everyone in a community gets along, you can come together to mark special occasions like Christmas in the company of good music and food. It also provides an ideal opportunity of getting to know more people in your community and finding common areas of interest. Coming together as a community is also beneficial in initiating and sustaining community services. These are some of the reasons to build a community.

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