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Reasons Why you Should Prefer Waterjet Cutting

Manufacturing has benefited immensely in the hands of the waterjet cutting. Waterjet cutting technology in two kinds, enabling it to be applicable in the cutting of all types of materials. The two kinds of the cutting technology are pure and abrasive waterjet cutting, with the pure method making use of water stream alone for cutting, while the abrasive kind adds to the use of granular abrasive. Your decision to make use of the waterjet cutting technique will come with a great deal of advantages. Through this article, you will be informed of some of the advantages to look out for from the use of waterjet cutting.

To start with, there is super edge quality. Designers are always concerned with the kind cutting edge a cutting process can produce. Waterjets have the ability to produce a perfect cutting with a smooth edge free of burrs. The cutting technology depends on its speed, pressure, nozzle size, and abrasive flow rate to ensure such a perfect edge cutting. Through such features, the cutting process is completed on the first attempt with no need for secondary finishing.

Secondly, the process is efficient and cost-effective. Waterjet cutting is ideal for use in all sorts of cutting that includes all types of material thickness. This implies that designers and manufacturers have the ability to work with more flexibility and efficiency. Waterjet cutting has the ability to cut through materials like hardened steel, multi-layer materials, and aluminum. The fact that the cutting method leaves no room for secondary finishing means that the cutting process gets finalized within no time. The use of waterjet cutting allows for quick cutting that saves on time and resources.

More importantly, the use of the waterjet cutting technology does not lead to heat affected zones. The cold nature of the cutting process contributes to no distortion problems associated with heat. This feature makes the cutting process ideal for intricate metal fabrication as well as used in materials that need more machine work after the cutting process. Cutting processes that generate heat have the ability to distort the original molecular structure of the material. Such kind of distortions have the ability to significantly interfere with the performance of the materials when putting into certain use. The use of the cold cutting technique is also crucial as it enhances safety by eliminating chances of burning incidents.

Lastly, the cutting technology doesn’t release hazardous wastes. All industrial process should aim at being safe to the environment. This calls for the use of environmental-friendly methods of cutting. Waterjet cutting is one such process since it does not produce any form of fumes or gases. This is one of the reasons why the technology is gaining popularity amongst designers and manufacturers.

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