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Houses and apartments appreciate; therefore, buy and sell them off when prices rise. Buying a house and an apartment is that a house is a freehold while an apartment is a leasehold property. The difference between freehold and leasehold property makes buying an apartment more complicated and costly than buying a house. These differences should not discourage you from buying an apartment because an apartment is also a good investment. These considerations are essential to keep in mind when purchasing an apartment.

You can agree with the relevant parties on the duration you want the agreement to remain valid. You should know how much time is left on the lease before you sign the agreement. You can seek an extension of the lease period if you find a suitable apartment that you want to buy but has a leasehold period below seventy years. You should also know if you are going to deal directly with the landlord, a management company or both. Knowing who you will be dealing with in the future will help you to approach the right person when you need help.

You should know how much it will cost for service charges such as repairs. You should be cautious not to buy an apartment that has service costs for communal areas because that will make them apartment more expensive in the long run. Know who is responsible for major repairs in the apartment. You should determine if the future expenses will be affordable to you depending on your budget.

Some apartments have restrictions to what you can and cannot change. Some companies or landlords will not take it lightly when you make permanent changes to the interior decorations and finishing of the apartment. You should get a written consent from the landlord before you make any changes in an apartment to avoid legal suits for going against the agreement. Inquire more from the relevant authorities about the restrictions of the apartment because some of these restrictions may be against your rights and freedom.

Scrutinize the surroundings of the apartment building. Look at the surroundings of the apartment building to determine whether there will be future plans in the neighborhood that can affect your stay in the apartment. If there are adverse developments that will come up in the future in the environment such as a noisy industry to be established.

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