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Christian who believes in the word of the living God, it is good to be able to tell about the end times. This is because at the end time many events will take place and you need to understand them all. On the other hand, it is the after the events take place that the coming of the day of God will come. You will note that it is not easy for one to clearly outline the last day’s events which will take place without learning more from the book of revelation. That is why this article is of help for you to get the order of the fantastic events which are found in the disclosure. This is because revelation being one of the various books in the Bible is contains the announcement of the message of God at the end times. You will note that it has all the events which will take place at the end times in chronological order.

These events are well outlined, starting from the chapters’ number six to twenty-two of the book of revelation. Therefore it is essential to ensure that you learn more about these last days’ events to be prepared. The first seals the lamb opened the first seal, and the noise like that of the thunder is heard. On the other hand, there is the white horse which is gone to conquer. Note that the seals are outlined in revelation up to the seventh one. The tribulation consists of the Dragon, Beast, the first trumpet which resulted in the war in heaven in the first part of the ordeal. At the middle point of the distress you will learn that the Dragon, Beast is revealed in the fifth trumpet. Another thing which takes place in this part of the tribulation is the killing of the two witnesses by the beast.

After the angles deliver the message, then the Dragon, Beast and the false prophet occurs, which is known as the unholy trinity. The God judgment then appears to ensure that the Babylon fall. You will note that the seventh seal is a lousy thunderstorm accompanied by lightning and the strong earthquakes. It is on the seventh trumpet that Jesus Christ will come in a significant way. You will learn that the Armageddon comes, which destroys the Beast, False Prophet, and the Dragon completely. Note that it is very challenging if you are not yet turned into Christ and be saved. This is because the end times are very near, and only those who believe in God will be saved, especially during the war of the Armageddon.

On the other hand, it is very challenging for you to figure out where you will be at the end times. The choice is all yours to decide on whether to repent your sins and saved or not. You will find it very interesting because no matter the life you have lived before without repenting your sins, God will forgive you once you declare to serve Him. All you are required is to ask God to forgive your sins every time you turn into him through prayers. The Bible says that once you confess that Jesus is your lord with your own mouth and that God raised Him from death, then you will be saved.

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