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The Basic Things To Understand Before Taking Truvada Pills

One miracle drugs that came to save people form HIV is Truvada Pills. The users of this life-saving drug must follow the prescription and consider other things before taking it. You must ask yourself the details required before using.

The HIV negative individuals use this miracle pill. People are advised to be tested for the disease today and later after three months. If your infection is recent, more likely the test turns negative. Knowing your status is good, but essential to those taking Truvada or other PrEP. If you show signs of flu or common illness, you might be HIV positive. Tell your physicians of the recent symptoms of flue before taking.

Every person needs to get the partners status to understand the risks of getting infected. As you get to know the status, have tests for other STIs because they make your body vulnerable to the virus. If you have the hepatitis B, you are not allowed to take Truvada since the withdrawal makes it hard to treat the virus.

It is good to know that taking this drug does not cure the HIV. If you only use this pill, your HIV-1 becomes complex to manage as it becomes resistant.

Every user must understand how the pill will be used. The doctors will advice on how to take it. Taking it consistently brings better results and reduces the risks of infections.

The common people using the drugs will also start practicing the safe sex. The use of condoms or other safe sex methods keep you from infections and catching STDs. People using PrEP will be safe from HIV, but they can catch other diseases like Chlamydia.

Some partners will not be protected by using condoms, and they select other prevention methods. Engage the doctor ad your lover and go for the best method.

Experts advise that people will be taking Truvada pills when they are healthy but at risk of changing their current status. You will be advised to start taking Truvada pill if you have not contracted HIV or you are at risk of changing the status. When you talk to your infected partner, the risk of catching the disease lowers. However, you can talk to doctors about stopping its use.

Many people tend to forget taking the pill, and they need some alternatives to stay protected. People must never share this medication with their lovers. You find many users suffering side effects that include kidney, bone and liver problems. If you are in the groups affected by Truvada side effects before the full list of effects are released, you can sue. Individuals who use this drug will never suffer sexual side effects. The pill is known to give another protection when at risk.