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Tips to Decorate the Cat-house

You will love having a cat around you once you get used to them. The more you spend time with your cat, the stronger the bond between you will become because the cat will even notice your presence from a distance by sniffing your scent. You need to make your home comfortable for the cat if you wanted to stay especially if it is a new cat that is not used to the environment. Cats are intelligent pets that can run away and go back to the owner if you do not take good care of them. The cat will go into hiding in a new house for the first few days a week before it gets used to the people and the environment, but you can make warm up to you in a few days. The following guidelines help enable a pet owner to make the home comfortable for their cat.

Having wooden shelves on the wall in a tree-like will provide a suitable environment for the cat to play. You can have more of these ‘climbing trees’ in the other rooms that have enough space to accommodate them so that the cat can have more places to play. Add more comfort to the shelves by covering the shelves with sizeable fluffy rugs. Get creative with the rugs to prevent them from moving because that will make the cat fall and hurt itself. Animals love nature, and so does your cat; therefore, decorate the shelves by using colors like green to make the shelves reflect nature.

Maintain standard hygiene for the cat primarily where it sleeps, cleans up and eat. Help the cat keep warm by providing a fluffy mat and keeping it near the chimney or any one place in the house. There are beautiful designs of houses for cats that you can bring in your home for the cat to rest comfortably. There are businesses which sell cat houses and are willing to turn your dream cat house into a reality. Have a litter box, separate water, and food bowls for the cat. Keep the water and food bowls at a considerable distance away from the litter box to prevent the cat from spilling the contents of the litter box into the water and food bowls.

To maintain the health of the cat you need to provide it with space to bask in the sun for warmth. You can keep from going outside right is likely to get mischievous by creating a comfortable place on the balcony using rugs for it to lie down and bask. Avoid getting the cat bored of basking at the same place by placing the rugs at various locations such as on several windows.

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