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How a Business could Avoid Employee Theft

When it comes to threats to a retail store, shoplifting is considered to be one of the problems. The idea of people swiping your shop good money from your products and leaving the store unnoticed is truly horrifying. But, theres actually a threat which far exceeds that kind of problem.

The best way on how you could prevent these kind of problems is by preventing it from occurring. If an employee is stealing, its actually a tricky situation to handle. In this article, you will read more tips that will be able to help you to avoid encountering such problem in your business.

Check their Background

Doing a background check is a standard process which could actually help you in removing those who you think are not fit for your business. Some things which you should consider doing are:

Avoid asking someone whether they have a criminal record on their application. Try to do interviews first and try knowing them more for you to avoid discriminating the person.

Be sure that you are consistent and to run the same process for each of the applicant.

Consider using a professional agency.

Consider Counting your Cash Drawers Daily

It is very important to count your cash drawers on a daily basis so you could keep track with how much cash you earned. If you do the count, you can actually avoid employee theft and you will also detect it.

Try to Use a Surveillance Software

A surveillance software is not about video cameras. The cameras are actually equipped with a software which will help you to detect any activities and will alert you about the problem. These systems are in fact good in documenting any instance of employee theft.

Keep the Employees Happy

Having happy employees will benefit a business. They also become more productive and they are also less likely to steal. The retail industry actually is not that good on the case of making sure that employees are happy. There are however some businesses today who eliminated the gender gap and you will find some who even pays for the college education of employees. Some businesses also starts paying their employees at a reasonable rate for every hour and they also hire exclusively from within. For small businesses, you owe it to your employees when it comes to providing fair pay even when you are still not able to pay them with high level pay. Its likewise your obligation to provide your employees with a happy work environment, which in return will help to avoid cases of employee theft.

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